PHYTOspec software

The PHYTOspec control software is part of each delivery of PHYTOTRONIC LED grow light systems. It can be extended in functionality and automation options by optional software modules.

The basic software is managing single or groups of lamps, and can be set up to control racks and rooms of lamps. The optional available upgrades "Timer", "Automatic Brightness Control" and "Automatic Spectrum Adaption" are based on the basic modul and enable an enhanced level of control and automation.

If you feel that your need is not covered please contact us for custom solutions.

Easy software adjust spectrum AM1.5 A67 ASTM G 173 Sensor groups GUI timing cycles

PHYTOspec Basic

Group and Manage

Select and control single or groups of lamps in power and spectrum.

Precise Settings

Adjust each wavelength with 10 Bit resolution.

Manage your settings

Save and Load your scenarios for your installed lamps


Preview the forthcoming spectrum.


In- or decrease the output power via master controller without changing the spectrum


Add more functionality for control or reporting with more software modules


Phytospec Software Grafical Timer Modul

PHYTOspec Timer Module

A timer module based on the 24h of a day enable you to change the conditions of your greenhouse every minute. A powerful module to create various brightness and spectra trends for short or long term requirements. All settings and scenarios can be saved and opened.

PHYTOspec Software Autobrightness Module

PHYTOspec Auto Brightness

Chose from two options for automated brightness conditions. An automatic in-or decrease of the ASTM G173 spectrum in order to guarantee a constant and energy-saving light condition. Or adjust the lamp to maintain any target spectrum in relation to a metered environmental condition for a steady conditions. Graphic representation of the spectrum and saving in a SQL database is included.

Phytospec Software Autospectrum Module

PHYTOspec Auto Spectrum

Replicate the light conditions anywhere on earth in your growing chamber. Even with live data from a spectrometer at your desired location you can replicate the spectrum and its changes in your greenhouse. Making field tests never been easier.