Light is crucial for plant growth and propagation. Use the EVO for any spectral distribution and power levels to mimic sunrise to sunset or just maximize photosynthesis or key features of the crop. With, optionally, more than 12 wavelengths create your spectrum and power levels in the PAR range to find and provide optimal conditions for each plant. The minimized height enables ceiling mounted or in racks for more growth area.

Key Features

  • Flexible SUNlike spectra to simulate any place and time on earth
  • Ideal retrofit solution for Phytotrons, ceiling mounted or racks
  • Minimum heat generation
  • Can be close to plants
  • Full automation possible
  • Easy to add sensor data for spectra, humidity, temperature, etc.
Compact powerfull LED growth light PAR dimmable flexible germination AP67 Vernalization


RETROfit - better than new

The EVO LED-illumination offers a new approach in plant growth. Just replace the conventional system to safe in electricity costs and add a huge versatility to optimize the conditions for your crop. Combine it with climate and sensors systems to create cutting edge, reliable and cost-efficient phytotrons and green houses. The compact design makes ideally suited for rack usage.


To provide you the information you need about your plants different sensor systems, based on standard solutions or customized set-ups, can be integrated into software to monitor and regulate various parameters to archive your targets.

Climate and Season simulation

The PHYTOTRONIC software allows you to provide a light and spectra scenario according to the season and region. Create your day schemes as needed. Temperature, light and humidity can be provided via the phytrotron infrastructure to complete the scenario.


Phytosens enables you to directly access the two main vegetation indices. With IMRI you measure the N-index which provides you the nutrition status of your crop while the IBI provides reliable information about the population’s ground cover level and therefore the biomass.

Data Base

All settings and spectra can be exported to excel and various other formats to be combined with data generated during research. By visually combining light conditions with sensor data from climate chamber and plant monitoring the best conditions for archiving the desired results can be determined fast.

IP Protection Class

To ensure a reliable operation in any environment and experimental set-up all Phytolumix products feature a high IP class to ensure a flawless operation under any condition. They are designed to work under all temperature conditions and humidity levels. Even rain simulation will not affect its performance and life time.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Value
Spektrum (adjustable) ASTM G 173, 400-800 nm, exceeding PAR
Brightness (adjustable) up to 1000W/m2 or 1000 µmol/s/m², (dimming)
width x high 155 (w) x 70 (h) mm
Available length 600/1200/1800/2600 mm
Cooling Water
IP class IP65
Interfaces Ethernet, Power, Water

Add more features


To fully understand your growth conditions and plant reactions add the desired sensor solutions to your system. With standard add-ons or custom modules you can expand the functionality to provide you the data you need.


Phytosens, a camera and LED based sensor system, will provide you with key indices for your crop health. Bases on specifically selected LEDs you can measure the IRMI index for plant health and with the IBI you get feedback about the biomass in your test. Regular scheduled measurements will provide you with detailed information about the growth rate and plant conditions.


Create and manage your own illumination from one, easy to use software. Add sensors modules to track not only the light conditions but also the response from the plants. Simple and complex grouping, provide detailed timed spectra or mimic an entirely different locations on earth. All settings and data can in- and exported based on standard formats or review the information in the software.

Sunlight Spectrum based on LEDs

Sunlight Spectrum based on LEDs in comparison with ASTM G 173


Recreating Sunlight

With the sun as the reference for all energy on earth, it is crucial that for any real life reference you can mimic sun spectra as close as possible to archieve real life results. While all our systems replicate the sun spectral distribution on earth you can choose how much flexibility you need for your phytotrons.

As the market leader in growth light with SUNlike spectra based on LEDs, you can choose from various LED configurations, ranging from 365 to 1050 nm, exceeding classic green house illumination limitations, to meet your goals.