in what we be-lieve

Be customer-oriented

Customer's satisfaction is our main concern. In order to get to know your needs we are in continuing dialogue for knowledge exchange with researchers and technology departments for the best standard products and custom-made products for your applications.

Be innovative

Innovation is the driving force of our company. In close cooperation with researchers worldwide we work on new lighting approaches which provide innovative solutions to the latest challenges and questions in plant and algae growth. We always want these products to be reliable, precise and cost efficient. This can only be archived by constant innovation.

Be collaborative

We collaborate with research teams and universities in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and to reach mutual goals. Plant research contributes to a solution to global challenges like future food requirements, as well as mitigation of and the adaptation to climate change.

Be sustainable

Our objective is to create light sources which safeguard the environment, optimize food production and minimizing waste of energy sources to create sustainable solutions for our customers and the world.

Innovation is the process of turning ideas into

manufacturable and marketable form

Sometimes the questions are complicated

and the answers are simple

To the illuminated mind

the whole world sparkles with light

Once we accept our limits,

we go beyond them