climate chamber

climate chamber

Climate Chambers and Phytotrons are the foundation for plant research and to create new cultures. An essential part for plat growth is the sunlight, varying over the seasons, world regions and during the day. To overcome the split between the need to use sun light and to have defined experimental set-ups Phytotronics offers LED based illuminations that are able to mimic the sun in spectra and power to set any possible light scenario.

Offering wavelengths from 365 to 1000 nm and an intensity of up to 1000 W/m you can create light conditions equaling equatorial regions to pole caps covering more than a PAR range for even more realistic conditions.

The SUNlike technology offers the reproduction of the suns spectral distribution on earth with the capability to individually adjust different bands of the spectrum, enabling to replicate different environments or even to create artificial scenarios.

For fitting Phytrorons with new lights, the illumination come in different sizes, power levels and with various LEDs. From small chambers to hundredths of square meters Phytotronics offers the right illumination in water and air cooled designs. Large scale Greenhouse applications can use more rigid spectra while researchers can create their light at will.

For complete monitoring and Industry 4.0 approaches you can use the data logging function of the included software. With additionally sensor technologies for plant monitoring (growth, health) you can put the data side by side and immediately see the effects of changed conditions.

Phytotronic provides a key element in climate simulation for photosynthetic specimen, adding to temperature and humidity control the essential light. The target environment, outdoor cropping or greenhouse conditions can be fully replicated, offering unpreceded reliable results in research.

Phenotyping never has been this easy.

All lamps offer high IP classes to protect them from high humidity and even rain simulation. The high end LED technology minimizes the heat input into the chambers and offers much shorter working distances enabling rack mounting for more biomass in the given space.

High flexibility, accurate control, a wide range of sensors and minimal heat input make Phytotronic illuminations the ideal choice for the next crop generation and high yields in production and research.


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