Phytotronic by FutureLED

The Phytotronic brand has been established to offer the latest LED technology to form a sun like spectra for all kinds of plant and algae growth. The focus is on a wide spectrum that can provide the ideal light for photosynthesis over the life time of your plants. This spectrum can be set between 365 nm to 1050 nm to cover and exceed the PAR (Photosynthesis active range) to provide conditions under which the plants develop best and to include the key trigger wavelength for germination, growth, flowering and riping. With the Phytotronic easy to retrofit illuminations in a plug’n’grow manner ideal light conditions can be provided all year long.

Greenhouses can benefit on energy savings, more light, less heat input and higher quality delivered to the customers. Extending the growth period during the year means more income and more access to customers in wholesales and shops.

Researcher with phytotron chambers benefit from the replication of various climate zones and 100% reproducibility of test set-ups and results. In the combination of the chamber capabilities a complete scenario including temperature, humidity, fertilization and watering makes it possible to find conditions which are ideal or to simulate stress conditions. Include Phytotronic sensor solutions for even more information about your experiments. Taking unknown variables out of research leads to better results.

Stepping over the limitations of uncontrollable weather conditions and conventional light sources is the target to tackle the challenges of the future with energy efficient, powerful and flexible growth light solutions.