Higher yield, better quality and reduced growing times will be achieved.

The amount and choice of different LEDs and power levels have been adapted with researchers and research institutions from around the world. For high level research many different LEDs are advisable, for industrial farming more dedicated set ups are available.

The targets of our customers are our targets.

To enable best results FUTURELED is applying its knowledge of LEDs to standard and custom made LED solutions to create great performance for your applications. Custom made LEDs ensure a full spectrum approach and are unique to the SUNlike solution. A deep knowledge of electronics and easy to use software design makes SUNlike technology reliable and easy to implement in any environment.



Ultra-High-Definition reproduction of sun light based on ASTM G 173, covering extended PAR range from 365 to 750 nm with 12 individual wavelengths.


High-Definition reproduction of sun light based on ASTM G 173, covering PAR range from 420 to 750 nm with 8 individual wavelengths.


Standard-Definition reproduction of sun light based on ASTM G 173, covering PAR range from 450 to 750 nm with 4 individual wavelengths.

SUNlike Technology

With the sun as the main source of all energy on earth it is the reference for all live. Over millions of years photosynthesis was able to convert this energy into biomass and provided us with the foundation of our life.

With the commercialization of farming and the rising demand of high quality food artificial light sources were soon adapted to optimize the yield and overall production capacities. The introduction of LEDs provided a new efficient media for illumination. Even though first solutions were limited to red and blue, LED technology holds a key for simulating sun light.

Latest research has shown that a continuing, sun-like spectrum is an important part in the mix of successful greenhouse farming. The sun spectrum is often described as a standardized spectrum called ASTM G 173. Here, SUNlike technology is the basis to create light providing the conditions needed.

SUNlike has been developed by FUTURELED to replicate the suns radiation and to put it to use in plant growth and research. SUNlike technology builds up on a variety of up to 25 different LED types that can span the range of 300 to 1100 nm and cover the spectrum we receive on earth surface. FUTURELED is able to combine this range of LEDs into a single system. The LEDs are arranged in a unique pattern to ensure an optimal light mix and homogeneity. Driven by sophisticated electronics they offer a high level on control. The mechanical design incorporates thermal management of the LEDs to ensure a robust and IP65 protected installation. Phytotronics lamps maintain a stable output power, unlike other solutions, over the given live time.

The sun simulation with LED, which was first realized by FUTURELED, is to provide the light reference on earth with all the advantages of cutting edge LED technology, enabeld with Software.

Researchers can replicate spectra from all over the world. Investigating which light conditions are optimal or putting plants under stress or even damage them is all in realm. Greenhouse operators can add the lights to substitute the sun and to ensure that the crop will receive the right trigger wavelengths even during low light seasons or to accelerate crop cycles.