P 1

Key Features

  • perfect match of the sunlight spectrum
  • 65% lower energy consumption compared to a conventional HPS lamp
  • achieves the performance of a 1000 W HPS lamp
  • Easy to be installed in small experimental envoriments
  • keeps the pollination performance of bees and bumblebees high
  • no stress caused by premature fatigue due to unnatural orange/red components
  • Easy to add sensor data for spectra, humidity, temperature, etc.
Compact powerfull LED growth light PAR dimmable flexible germination AP67 Vernalization

P1 Spectra UV -VIS / VIS

RETROfit - better than new

The EVO LED-illumination offers a new approach in plant growth. Just replace the conventional system to safe in electricity costs and add a huge versatility to optimize the conditions for your research. Combine it with climate and sensors systems to create cutting edge, reliable and cost-efficient simulations. The compact design makes ideally suited for table top or hanged installations.


To provide you the information you need about your plants different sensor systems, based on standard solutions or customized set-ups, can be integrated into software to monitor and regulate various parameters to archive your targets.

Climate and Season simulation

The PHYTOTRONIC software allows you to provide a light and spectra scenario according to the season and region. Create your day schemes as needed. Temperature, light and humidity can be provided via the phytrotron infrastructure to complete the scenario.

IP Protection Class

To ensure a reliable operation in any environment and experimental set-up all Phytolumix products feature a high IP class to ensure a flawless operation under any condition. They are designed to work under all temperature conditions and humidity levels. Even rain simulation will not affect its performance and life time.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Value
Spektrum (adjustable) ASTM G 173, 400-700 nm, exceeding PAR
Brightness (adjustable) up to 500 µmol/s/m², (10bit dimming)
width x length x high 558 (w) x 215 (w) x 166 (h) mm
Cooling Air
IP class IP65
Interfaces Ethernet, 0-10V
Mounting Self standing
Delivery scope Lamp
preconfigured for hanging or standing

P1 earn money after the 2nd day


Total Cost of Ownership

Choose P1 – benefit twice

Replacing your HPS-lamps with the P1 SUNtech LED-system pays off in many ways: you’ll get a sunlight spectrum instead of an orange/red peak which leads to a 20 % more effective growth rate of your plant-cultures, more harvest yield and an increase of your employees’ efficiency due to a performance-enhancing environment.

Furthermore the P1’s acquisition cost amortizes quickly as you earn money from the second day using the system. You save energy costs and replacing illuminants. Trial runs of the P1 highly convinced us so that we can offer a financing model that allows a selling price for the P1 of only one Euro apiece.

Contact us for more information - we would be pleased to present to you the possibilities of the P1 and make you an individual offer as well as an individualized TCO-calculation.

As the market leader in growth light with SUNlike spectra based on LEDs, you can choose from various LED configurations, ranging from 365 to 1050 nm, exceeding classic green house illumination limitations, to meet your goals.