Improve yield and quality in greenhouse farming

To overcome the seasons, greenhouse framing has been established a long time ago and have proven to significantly improve farming during the year. Still, light is changing over the seasons but is essential for plant growth, quality and texture.

The conventional lamps, used up to today, are limited in efficiency, have a fixed spectral output and often dissipate a lot of unwanted heat that can even damage the crop.

To overcome these limitations Phytotronics offers grow lights that can be a replacement of conventional lamps. The underlying LED technology provides a much higher efficiency, leading to massive savings in electricity costs. The reduction in heat dissipation enables a installation much closer to the plant, providing more growth light. Due to the various LEDs, not only the PAR range can be properly covered, you can also change it according to the production phase your crop is in. Chance the spectra to trigger your plant to develop more essence or the right consistence for a fresh “bite”. Since various LED combinations are possible the perfect match for high productivity can be provided.

Combine it with sensor technology to make sure your crop is in perfect condition and that you are always up to date quality and anticipated harvest time.

For the industrial agriculture low energy costs, long lifetime, automatic light adjustments over the growing cycle and seasons, low maintenance and less heat generations makes Phytotronic lamps the obvious choices for greenhouse and vertical farming for food and ornamental products.